Anchorage Skijor Club

Trail Etiquette

  • Handle all dogs in a humane manner.
  • Abide by all municipal Animal Control ordinances and city, state and federal Park regulations.
  • License dogs as required by law.
  • Keep dogs current on rabies vaccinations, as required by municipal and state Law. ASC strongly recommends dogs be vaccinated against parvovirus and other highly contagious diseases.
  • Keep any sick dogs with infections or contagious diseases (parvovirus, kennel cough, etc.) away from trailheads and trails.
  • Do not skijor with a dog or dogs showing signs of physical injury, or which are not capable of running.
  • Remove feces from public areas and trails.
  • Restrain dogs before and after skijoring, either by attaching to snub chains or leads or leaving in your vehicle. Keep dogs within three feet of you or your vehicle.
  • Do not let dogs run loose on the trail or in the holding area.
  • Be able to cross country ski competently and do not ski with any more dogs than you can handle. Be able to stop your dogs within a reasonable distance.
  • Use proper equipment, including cross country skis (no metal edges), poles, boots, belt, shock-cord bungee line and harness. Necklines are recommended for double leaders. Do not use a choke collar while skijoring.
  • Be aware of the behavior of your dogs, particularly aggressive behavior and restrain your dogs from attacking other dogs or people. Particularly aggressive dogs should either be left at home or wear a humane muzzle.
  • Be courteous to other skijorers, skiers or trail users. When passing from behind, call "Trail" and "On your right (or left)". If being passed, move to one side behind your dog, and pull yourself up to your dog.

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Adopted March 2010