Skijor Touring Series

by Bill Cole

Saturday, January 16, 2016: Sand Lake. Meet at 12:00 noon at the parking lot for Sand Lake Elementary School. The school is at 7500 Jewel Lake Rd, about ½ mile north of Dimond Blvd on the west side of the road. We are changing the tour location to Sand Lake due to the poor snow season. Hopefully there will be sufficient snow on the lake for skijoring. The tour is subject to snow conditions. Please check the Anchorage Skijor Club WOOF line (349-WOOF) for possible cancellation.

Come on out for a relaxed, sociable skijoring our on local trails.  These tours are not races, and won’t involve very long drives or overnight stays.  The tours are intended to be loosely structured; we will meet at a given location and time, and people can hook up with other skijorers and go for a tour.  The idea is that for most tours people won’t need to all stay together, or even necessarily go in the same direction.  Just meet with skijor for as long or short a period as you want.  Again, it’s intended to be very low key.  All levels of skijoring ability are welcome. There is no charge or sign-up for the tours.  Just come out with your dogs.  The only requirements for these tours are that you have good control of your dog(s), and use good judgment in your skijoring.  And don’t forget your poop bag

These are tours on public trails.  There will be other trail users, and you are responsible for your own safety and conduct.  Please familiarize yourself with the Anchorage Skijor Club Trail Protocol.

If you have comments, criticisms, or ideas please call me, Bill Cole at 522-0544 or email at .  Right now there are two tours planned, one in January and one in February.  There will also be Show ‘n Go’s planned through the season.  Check the Skijor Club calendar for these events.  The current schedule is: 

Sunday, February 14, 2016:  Coastal Trail.  Meet at 11:00 am at the small parking area near the wastewater treatment plant just beyond the Point Woronzof parking area off Point Woronzof Road (the western extension of Northern Lights Blvd ).  I chose this as a starting point because the trail to the south is less crowded, and there is some great skijoring from Woronzof to Kincaid.  However, some folks may want to go north.  We will have a brief introductory meeting at the trailhead, then go run some dogs!